Friends of Schedulefly

Travis Todd
Owner at Ocean Odyssey - Cambridge MD

In addition to solving reoccurring communication challenges Schedulefly also keeps everyone organized and on the same page as to daily schedules, time off requests, staff contact information, upcoming event details, and is so easily accessible that it has all but eliminated any reason for ourselves and our crew to not know exactly what is happening and who is responsible for what and exactly at what time. It has added an incredibly beneficial ability for our crew to communicate among themselves and solve shift swap scenarios without disrupting the flow of an otherwise productive day, this flexibility and clear cut way for each of us to have each others back is exactly what being a team is all about. ~ Travis Todd

Ocean Odyssey is now in it's 31st year as a Seafood Restaurant and Crab House. We are a 3rd generation local family owned and operated single unit small business. We started as a blue crab processing facility and seafood wholesaler down in Crocheron, Maryland back in 1947 and evolved into what we are today with decades of stories, struggles, successes, challenges and changes all along the way. We are proud of our staff, clientele and community and feel great to be a landmark business in the Dorchester County area.

Schedulefly rode up into our lives in a digital suit of shining armor and has drastically improved our communication and clarity as a business unit ever since.

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