Schedulefly is like a bottle opener for staff scheduling. It's an uncomplicated tool that makes life easier.

We serve 7,200+ hospitality businesses straightforward software and fantastic support.

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Do business with a company that shares your values.
We are five guys serving over 300,000 hospitality people. We have no outside investors or sales people. We choose to keep our software simple and to treat our customers with warm, inviting hospitality. We choose to grow by word-of-mouth and to invest in the success of the community we serve with our books, films and podcast.

We don't integrate with any other software products.
We learned from experience that integration with other products creates fragility and leads to frustrating problems for our customers. The inevitable service interruptions cause a chain reaction of emails and phone calls with multiple people and companies and often takes hours to resolve. It's costly, time-consuming, error-prone and distracting. Since we do not control the outcome and experience, it's not going to happen at Schedulefly.

And perhaps most importantly, we believe that people, and not technology and AI, are the key to hospitality success.
Rather than adding more technology, our goal is to remove all non-essentials. We want our software to always work and always be quick and easy so our customers can go about the business of taking care of their customers. Because of this, many of the most highly regarded restaurants love using our software and are proud to spread the word about our brand...

Recent Podcast Episodes

We interview and record intimate conversations with our customers. These are amazing hospitality entrepreneurs that are the best at what they do. Their stories are inspiring and we are proud to share them with you.

Emily Bount, Owner
Saint Leo
Oxford, MS
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Scott Crawford, Chef/Owner
Crawford & Son / Jolie
Raleigh, NC
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Cheetie Kumar, Chef/Owner
Raleigh, NC
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Awesome Customer Quotes

"The best damn scheduling app in the universe."

Dan Latino
Waterhouse Bar Grouop
Chicago, IL

"I've only had to call you once in eight years. Thanks for the quick help. I guess I'll talk to you again eight years from now."

Chris Scharrer
Smokin Willy
Purcellville, VA

"It's the only thing we use that never gives us any problems."

Woody Lockwood
Trophy Brewing
Raleigh, NC