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We're not kidding. People really do love Schedulefly...

Deseret (D&D/ Cocktail server) at Bex Grill in Lancaster, CA
"I love the fact that I can check my schedule from pretty much anywhere! I really like the text message alerts. Schedule fly makes it so easy to pick up or give up shifts! I also like being able to see who I'm working with before I go in! I LOVE SCHEDULEFLY.COM!!!!"

Billy (Server) at The Beehive in Boston, MA
"It just allows us to rearrange our schedules that much easier. It's great because there's often a lot of shift switching amongst us here at the Beehive, and this really streamlines all that."

Krystin (Server) at Waterman's in Virginia Beach, VA
"Schedulefly makes accessing my schedule and picking/giving up shifts easier than ever!!"

Andrew (Manager) at WC Roadhouse Grill in Ellensburg, WA
"Schedulefly is one of the best things I have ever used. It is so convenient for me, and very efficient for our company."

Lauren (Hostess) at Arch Rock Fish in Santa Barbara, CA
"Yes because it alerts me via email about any schedule changes or messages from my manager. Also, it's easy to look up my schedule online as well as everyone else's schedule for the week, and also for requesting time off, which is nice."

Olivier (founder) at Wanna Juice in Paris, FR
"It's a time saver! For me and my team. It's way more intuitive than excel spreadsheets (our old system) - it's available 24/7 for everyone to look at (at home, at work, on a iphone, etc.) "

Rob (Kitchen Manager) at Boston Pizza Morrison in Niagara Falls, ON
" Schedulefly is by far the best possible tool a manager can have. It allows my employees easy access to schedules and time off requests and allows me to plan and organize carefully according to budgets. I recommend schedulefly to all my friends in the restaraunt industry. It most defintely makes my life and job alot easier!!!"

Rachel (Hostess) at BP Uxbridge in Uxbridge, ON
"Schedulefly makes my life easier, because i can pick up or give up a shift with a click of my mouse. I don't waste time calling people and asking around. Plain and simple i love Schedulefly and i think all business's should use this scheduling tool."

Lee (General Manager) at The Palm - Hunting Inn in East Hampton, NY
"Schedulefly eliminates the dreaded "paper trail" associated with traditional scheduling. Now, I no longer need to constantly adjust the schedule, or find out who is covering for who. With Schedulefly, I can rest easy knowing my restaurant is properly staffed. "

Jodi (Sever) at The Veranda in Starkville, MS
"Welp, first of all, I love Schedulefly! It definitely has made life a whole lot easier as a server. I love that, when I am out of town or something, I can look online and read my schedule. It is also quite convenient when it comes to trading shifts. This has eliminated the hassle of driving up to the place you work and signing a shift change book. I also like looking at the schedule and knowing who I am going to be working with. All in all, I think Schedulefly is an amazing idea and has made my life tons easier! Thanx!"

Nicole (Runner) at Bex Grill in Lancaster, CA
"Schedulefly is very efficient so that there is no mistake on what days you are suppose to work. And its nice when you want to pick up an extra shift or need to give one up. You can also confirm total hours you have worked."

Cory (Owner) at Pumphouse in Wichita, KS
"This program has given me an extra hour a day to work on other important issues! I love schedulefly!"

Cara (Assistant Director of Operations) at Turning Point in Manalapan, NJ
"It's a great tool that helps us keep track of what's going on in all 6 of our stores!"

Terry (Server) at The Melting Pot in Louisville, KY
"Schedulefly makes life alot easier. I don't have to go to work it put in my days off that i need. Sometimes when you tell one manger you need off they might forget,but with schedulefly there no confusion on your request off.I think the best thing about schedulefly is that when you need someone to pick up your shift or your pick up one it is just one click away. "

Alison (Assistant Manager) at Thaifoon in Salt Lake City, UT
"I love having all staff phone numbers and emails in one central location that I can access at home, at the office, or on my cell phone. Always comes in handy!!"

Daniel (Bus Boy) at Jose O'Shea's in Lakewood, CO
"I can check my schedule anywhere anytime where i have internet connection and it all can be done on my own time."

Laci (Cocktail/Server) at Arch Rock Fish in Santa Barbara, CA
"I can check it whenever I like, and the schedule is always updated instantly as well as changes. And it is very convenient to just go online!"

Joe (General Manager) at Hooters of Cocowalk in Miami, FL
"Schedulefly makes it easier to communicate with all of your employees at one time. It is a fun and exciting way to keep up on all current events going on in your business."

Natalie (Server) at Planet Hollywood in New York, NY
"It's efficent and it makes checking my schedule a piece of cake. "

Shawn (server) at Mez in Charlotte, NC
"i can always find out if i am working without bothering the managers and i am able to see if someone wants to be off without contacting everyone on the schedule."

Elizabeth (Server) at Boathouse Restaurant in St. Louis, MO
"I love schedulefly because it makes it so easy and quick to pick up, switch or give up shifts. Without it all online, things would be much more difficult and take longer to get management approval, see my schedule, and get messages from any employee."

Jessica (Server) at Blackhorse in Clarksville, TN
"Schedulefly makes my life much easier by taking away the stress of exchanging shifts. As soon as a shift is up for grabs, a text is sent to employees(who use this feature)- making it much more likely to be picked up."

Justine (Pantry) at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA
"Whenever i have a question involving my schedule, all i have to do is check my text messages or go online from my computer or phone. "

Lisa (Server) at Buku in Raleigh, NC
"I love having my schedule emailed and texted to my phone. I always have it with me and it's much easier to make plans."

Lisann (Server) at Romano's Macaroni Grill in Honolulu, HI
"First, SF is my homepage. For instant action when I need to pick up a shift.There are alot of fast fingers out there and it is so easy when I can just be two clicks away from making some extra cash!!!I like how SF has the info relayed to you as soon as it is available. When I need to give one up, it is so easy. Its easier because I do not need to "call" the mgrs to ask them. I let SF ask them. Oh and i can change my availability and request off way in advance!! My life is manageable now with SF.. Thank you!!"

Jennifer (Server) at Hooters in Anaheim, CA
"I am able to plan events and run errands according to my schedulefly set-up and I am able to quickly access my schedule through my iPhone application, which is amazing and a life saver :)"

Sonja (Server) at Muffuletta in St. Paul, MN
"I can just go online to see my schedule, and look at who else is scheduled as well, in case I need to switch my schedule around. It eliminates paper copies, which can easily be lost or misplaced. "

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