Weíre 5 guys in North Carolina serving more than 300,000 restaurant people.

Schedulefly was created to give restaurants a better option for scheduling and communicating with staff. Back then (in 2006), most restaurants created their weekly schedules on paper and hung them on the wall in the kitchen or behind the bar. Once hung, the phone at the host stand lit up and the requests for manager approval on shift changes did not stop until it was time to do it all over again. Checking the schedule meant calling the restaurant, or driving to the restaurant to lay your eyes on it. It was a frustrating distraction for everyone invloved - but it was the way it had always been done. Today, Schedulefly, and dozens of other companies, offer a better way to manage schedules every week.

We believe that the only way for us to stand out from the crowd and to make it as easy as possible for restaurants to make this change is to keep everything simple. We are just 5 guys. We donít have a fancy office. We donít have a sales team, investors, account managers or customer service tickets. The only way for us to keep it like this is to keep the product simple and the customer service volume low. When you contact us, you might reach any of us, and you are guaranteed to have a warm, friendly, helpful conversation. We are actually just like many of the restaurants we serve - focused on being really good at providing an enjoyable customer experience.

Recently (Jan 2019), we received this testimonial from a long time customer in Charleston S.C. Itís comments like Chad's that inspire us to keep doing what we are doing and to keep things simple.

I have 22 years of experience in the restaurant industry. I've opened 11 restaurants and have been a corporate trainer and consultant for Carrabba's Italian Grill and Chick-fil-A. I've used multiple different restaurant staff scheduling softwares and nothing compares. Schedulefly is very simple and easy to use and to teach to our new staff, while also having all of the tools we need to manage a successful schedule.

Not only does it have everything we need, but it also came at a great price. At just $50 a month it can't even be compared to the largest scheduling software and Schedulefly's main competitor, which would have cost a restaurant our size $250 a month.

Also, the support has been nothing but the best. On the rare occasion that we have a question that isn't answered on the website, or we simply just need an extra hand, the staff at Schedulefly has been nothing but helpful. I recommend Schedulefly to every restaurant I know that is looking for a staff scheduling software.

Chad Biehl
Bohemian Bull
Charleston, S.C.

Thanks for reading our story,
Wes, Tyler, Wil, Charles and Hank