Here's our pricing. It's about a buck or two per day for everything.

19 or less staff

$30/ mo.

20-39 staff

$40/ mo.

40-59 staff

$50/ mo.

60-79 staff

$60/ mo.

More than 80 staff? Please call us (1-800-610-6734) for a quote. It won't be much more.

But can you really put a price on a service that makes your staff this happy?

Sup Dogs Crew in Greenville NC

A few things you'd probably like to know about Schedulefly...

It's hand-crafted for restaurants like yours
It's too easy to use to require any training
We're too confident you'll love it to ask you to sign a
contract - you can turn it off any time
We think it's awesome that restaurants pay their hard-earned money
to use Schedulefly so we take great care of customers
And we're easy as heck to do business with - ask any of our customers...