Here's our story...

Schedulefly was created in 2007 to offer restaurants a simple and organized way to schedule and communicate with their staff. Our founder developed the software using memories from his days working at the Bridge Tender restaurant - a legendary seafood restaurant on the coast of N.C thatís been around since 1976. He ultimately inherited the job of creating the schedule each week for 40 wait staff and years later designed Schedulefly to improve that messy, frustrating, time consuming job.

Today there are 5 people working at Schedulefly. We serve 7,200+ monthly subscribing customers and growing. We focus on fast, useful software and outstanding service. We donít have investors or partners or overhead that requires us to grow faster, add a bunch of features to beat the competition or expand into new markets. Itís just the 5 of us. Our growth happens naturally through word of mouth from really happy customers that we take great care of. When you contact us, you might reach any of us, and you are guaranteed to have a warm, friendly, helpful conversation. Less call center kind of service, more general store in the country kind of service.

We're proud to serve many of the best restaurants in cities all across America and Canada. Restaurants that are setting an amazing example for others in the industry. They include many award winning chefs and their teams, Michelin star restaurants and thousands and thousands of others who are hot on the heels of those who came before them and upping their game to be even better.

Wes, Wil, Tyler, Charles and Hank
The Schedulefly Crew