We're 5 guys from North Carolina. Here's our story...

Schedulefly was created in 2007 to offer restaurants a simple and organized way to schedule and communicate with their staff. Our founder developed the software using memories from his days working at the Bridge Tender restaurant - a legendary seafood restaurant on the coast of N.C. He ultimately inherited the job of creating the schedule each week (on paper) for 40 wait staff and years later designed Schedulefly to improve that messy, frustrating, time consuming job.

Today, we serve thousands of customers including restaurants, bars, breweries, boutique hotels and others in the hospitality industry. Since we don't have investors or partners, we are under no pressure to keep adding technology and features to compete - and that keeps everything we do simple, our overhead and support level low, and our company enjoyable to run.

Our growth over the years has happened naturally through word of mouth from happy customers that we take great care of. When you contact us, you might reach any of us, and you are guaranteed to have a warm, friendly, helpful conversation.

Thank you for reading our story and please let us know how we can help you.

Wes, Wil, Tyler, Charles and Hank
The Schedulefly Crew

A heartfelt message for our customers in 2021...

The Story of Schedulefly: Podcast Series

In 2021, we started a new series on our podcast that looks back and chronologically tells our story since we began in 2007. The episodes are short stories filled with humor, lessons we've learned and entertaining events that have shaped who we are and what we believe today.

Episode #1:
The very beginning

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Episode #2:
Wes makes a sale!

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Episode #3:
Tyler gets flagged as a potential spammer

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Episode #4:
Laughing at our fake formality

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Episode #5:
Wes & Wil head to L.A.

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Episode #6:
Our one and only trade show

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