Our simple monthly pricing.

No contracts, fees or hassles. All features and services included.

19 or less staff

$30/ mo.

20-39 staff

$40/ mo.

40-59 staff

$50/ mo.

60-79 staff

$60/ mo.

More than 80 staff? Please call us (1-800-610-6734) for a quote. It won't be much more.

"Schedulefly is like the world’s best tailored off the rack suit. Schedulefly gets us - the few, the proud, the independent restaurants- and because they are not running around trying to “scale” and “penetrate other market segments” their service stays affordable, simple, relevant and tailored to our needs. I can’t imagine life without Schedulefly. I also love having a partner that celebrates the independent restaurant community and whose passion for it helps inspire my own."
Scott Maitland
Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery
Chapel Hill, NC
(SF customer since 2009)